BDTA annual Full Membership for Medium SME’s


BDTA annual Full Membership



Annual payment for full membership at Building Digital Twin Association.

Full membership gives your organization the following benefits:

  • Member eligible following STATUTES rules. Right to participate and vote in GA every year
  • Participation in Working Groups and BDTIC congress every year
  • Participation in development/proposal to CEN
  • Unlimmited members/ internal regulation at BDA for Working Groups management (leader and 2 others for help, and renovation each year by members of the WG, later named by BDTA staff)
  • Participation, personnel, services supplied/received by BDTA in EU projects
  • All newsletters (by WGs and BDTA General)
  • Product availability for members (following some public conditions, discounts)

As member you must agree the GPDR of BDTA and STATUTES.