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The BDTA welcomes all organisations and individuals willing to work with current members towards the shared Vision and Mission according to our Guiding Principles.


The BDTA has two types of membership:


Full membership grants all membership benefits, including voting in the General Assembly. Paying Fees are adapted to the nature of each member.


Associate membership is free of charge and grants restricted access to membership benefits and rights, including access to the General Assembly without a vote.

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Annual payment for full membership at Building Digital Twin Association.

Full membership gives your organization the following benefits:

  • Member eligible following STATUTES rules. Right to participate and vote in GA every year
  • Participation in Working Groups and BDTIC congress every year
  • Participation in development/proposal to CEN
  • Unlimmited members/ internal regulation at BDA for Working Groups management (leader and 2 others for help, and renovation each year by members of the WG, later named by BDTA staff)
  • Participation, personnel, services supplied/received by BDTA in EU projects
  • All newsletters (by WGs and BDTA General)
  • Product availability for members (following some public conditions, discounts)

As member you must agree the GPDR of BDTA and STATUTES.