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The BDTA welcomes all organisations and individuals willing to work with current members towards the shared Vision and Mission according to our Guiding Principles.

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Progressive digitalization of big organizations makes evident the necessity of better data integration. Ontologies and data structures can be connected thanks to mutual agreements and over digital information, resulting in a massive availability of data and knowledge.

Any professional can be attracted by the great possibilities that these may be offering to the building sector. But progress is only possible if a great number of stakeholders adopt standards and common procedures.

Whether if you are a BIM manager, a software developer of a manufacturer of appliances, for sure you will be surrounded by a technological pressure which makes you feel comfortless many times. BDTA is an effort to build a common frame ahead of BIM and others standards, promoting agreements, sinergies and public libraries to get a better construction: healthier, more comfortable and sustainable. With a lot of ambition and creativity.

We have prepared 4 initial working groups oriented to roles and agents (WG1), ontologies (WG2), technology aggregates (WG3) and simulation (WG4). BDTA organizes an annual congress and is already participating is some EU proposal towards privacy and standarization of simulation components. Please contact us for more detailed information.

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 There are two types of BDTA members:


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Associate membership has a reduced fee and grants restricted access to membership benefits and rights, including access to the General Assembly without a vote.

If you’re interested in becoming a member of the BDTA, please contact us.

Founding Members

The initial BDTA membership emerges from the SPHERE Project Consortium. This fact reflects the commitment of these Founding Members to the shared vision and objectives.

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